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Monitor Crop Health With FieldAgent®

FieldAgent Crop Health maps provide agronomic advisors unprecedented insights into field vigor.

There is often a narrow window of opportunity between when potential stress is observed in a field and when corrective action needs to take place in order to protect yields.

FieldAgent allows you to streamline scouting, efficiently and effectively providing visibility into every acre of your customer's operation in order to drive better outcomes all season long.

With an ever-tightening labor market and growing resource constraints, farmers need a partner who can help them take immediate action in the field and quickly validate the results.

FieldAgent Crop Health maps observe and detect real-time field management opportunities for you by integrating satellite data, weather data, equipment data, soil data, drone data and field operations with advanced machine learning algorithms.

These insights enable agricultural professionals to recommend decisions when there is still time to impact profitability, strengthening partnerships with growers.


With NDVI Crop Health Maps and Weather Notifications from FieldAgent, you instantly have a clear picture of what performed in a field and why it performed that way - providing you with a management plan at the field edge.

By using one of our data collection tools to capture NDVI Crop Health data, you can do far more than just visualize crop health imagery.

You can use those crop health results to immediately create a management zone on your customer’s fields. This zone can be quickly turned into a treatment prescription from the edge of the field - all without an internet connection.

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